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Last updates: 4 January 2006

My name is Mikhail Mazel.
I was born in Moscow (capital of Russia) on April 7, 1967. I finished Moscow high school specialized in Mathematics. I entered and graduated from a technological university. After that, I worked as a programming engineer. Since April, 1997, I live in New York.
I like classical music. I like Russian rock-group "Time Machine" (which was founded in 1968). I also like bard music (when poet, composer and singer are combined in one person).
Since 1987, I write my own poems and stories (in Russian). I'm vice president of Russian Writers Club of New York.
I like trips. I liked travel by train, or canoe trips along beautiful Russian rivers. Speaking otherwise, Im romantic.
I have built my own virtual word - Russian server "Place for Meeting" (or Blue Mountains). My first site is called "Romantic Island" and I published my Poetry on it. My projects are connected with Russian language. If you know Russian, You can read my poems and stories. I prepared pages about Russians actors, poets, singers, writers, artists, and sportsman You can also see photographs which I made. They speakinternational language.
I'll glad to receive yours' letters. Write me if you whish or found that interesting
Sincerely Yours. Mikhail Mazel


My Russian Art Projects
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